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Here are a few video reviews of our strut tower covers found on YouTube. Although we appreciate all the positive comments in the videos, please watch our installation video and read our step by step instructions for proper installation.

Our YouTube buddy, #HorsePowerObsessed posted a great video regarding an easy solution to a Big C8 Corvette problem.

Rick Corvette Conti discusses the issue of water in the strut towers at 8:24 in his video.

Check out this video from the guys at RearWheelDrive

Nice video review from Travel No BS.

He says...

If you have purchased the awesome Chevrolet C8 Corvette, you need to make sure you take care of this modification right away or potential issues could result. This is an easy and inexpensive modification that can be done at home and in less than 1 hour. I did my car a day after pick-up and was amazed at the amount of sitting water I found on my vehicles front shock towers.

Parts are available at c8 Strut Covers.com and are available for vehicles both with and without magnetic ride for $50. Super-fast deliver and very easy for a non-mechanical person to install.

DeeperImage Automotive has posted a review at DeeperImage Automotive that shows the front shock tower nuts that are beginning to rust away. Unfortunately, water gets trapped in the top hat suspension compartments where there are 3 nuts that hold the shocks in place. Because the nuts are under water, they are rusting away and could cause a failure in the future. Hopefully Chevy will address this in the future, but for now, the folks at AngryOffRoad offer an easy to install C8 Corvette Strut Tower Cover solution for less than $60 shipped. Check out DeeperImage Automotive's review below:

The following video review was submitted by Youtuber, C8Garage

C8 Corvette Rusting Strut Towers!!!!
Fix for the C8 Corvette Strut Tower Water Infiltration!

The following video review was submitted by Youtuber, Jump Squad - Auto

STOP CORROSION on your C8 CORVETTE for $55!! Do this RIGHT NOW!

The following video review was submitted by the James Atkins TV channel.

Is This Mod ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY For Your C8 Corvette!?!? Is It Important!?!?

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