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Installation of Your C8 Corvette Strut Tower Covers

Customers with front lift adjustable height option (Option code E60): Chevrolet recently issued a technical service bulletin regarding the reservoir cap leaking. The DOT 4 brake fluid used in the front lift system can have a negative reaction with the chemicals that are in the ABS plastic. It has been described to cause "catalytic embrittlement in the ABS, making it very brittle and weak". While ABS plastic is normally very durable, this chemical reaction with the brake fluid can cause the cover to break.

Please ensure that your reservoir cap is not leaking fluid prior to installation of the passenger side strut tower cover.

For more information about the issue with the front lift reservoir cap, please speak to your dealer or you can read about it at this link: Incorrect Front Lift Reservoir Cap

Use the link below to watch our detailed video installation. Or, if you prefer written instructions complete with images, scroll down.

Tools required:

Pry tool
10mm socket and ratchet
Wire cutters

To install

1. Remove the side covers. They are held on with friction clips. To remove the side covers, pull them toward the center of the car.

2. Remove the large center cover. Again it is held on with friction clips, pull upward.

3. Remove the wire loom from the driver's side strut tower using a pry tool.

4. Remove the 10mm from the coolant reservoir.

5. Insert strut tower cover with the tab between the strut tower and the reservoir. Install bolt and tighten with 10mm socket.

6. Slide the passenger side strut cover into place by angling the cover towards the outer fender then rotating it into place. Be careful not to bend or damage the hard line or fluid reservoir!

7. Install the zip tie around hard line. Ensure the zip tie is around the rubber isolator.

8. Reinstall the center and side covers and the job is complete. .

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