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Customers with front lift adjustable height option (Option code E60): Chevrolet recently issued a technical service bulletin regarding the reservoir cap leaking. The DOT 4 brake fluid used in the front lift system can have a negative reaction with the chemicals that are in the ABS plastic. It has been described to cause "catalytic embrittlement in the ABS, making it very brittle and weak". While ABS plastic is normally very durable, this chemical reaction with the brake fluid can cause the cover to break.

Please ensure that your reservoir cap is not leaking fluid prior to installation of the passenger side strut tower cover.

For more information about the issue with the front lift reservoir cap, please speak to your dealer or you can read about it at this link: Incorrect Front Lift Reservoir Cap

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Whether you know it or not, there is an issue with the all new 2020/2021 C8 Corvette that allows water to pool in the front strut towers. The towers are made from aluminum but the strut hardware isn't and the pooling water causes the top nut and bolt to rust. Our C8 Corvette Strut Tower Covers provides a simple solution and prevents the water from entering the strut towers. Our covers are made from durable black ABS plastic and look like a factory piece once installed. Installation of our C8 Corvette Strut Tower Covers can be accomplished in less than 30 minutes with minimal tools.

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The following image shows the difference between our C8 Strut Tower Covers for vehicles with and without Mag Ride shocks.

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